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PHA Private school

Welcome to Pascal High Academy where education meets excellence. Our institution, led by certified TDSB teachers, is dedicated to fostering academic achievement, character development, and leadership skills. Join us for a transformative high school experience, where success is a tradition.

Comparing Notes

High School


Grades 1-8

At Pascal High Academic Elementary School, we aim to equip your child with the literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for their academic success and future endeavors. Our curriculum is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education standards, ensuring that your child receives a comprehensive education. Additionally, there are numerous other aspects of the day-to-day school that make the learning environment dynamic and enriching for students.


JK/SK Program

In the Kindergarten program, your child will develop their skills and abilities through inquiry and intentional play-based learning that includes math, science and literacy. As an educator we plan learning experiences where children are actively engaged in learning and thinking creatively.

At the PHA Elementary School, we know that you are your child’s first teacher, and we provide you with the resources you need to help support your child’s development. We always have a mutual relationship to help your child (ren) achieve success.


Summer Camp age 4-12


7 AM - 6 PM

Fresh & warm meals and snacks

Limited spots available

July1st-August 30th

Start the summer at PHA School to Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, sports, and friendship as you make memories to last a lifetime!

We are located on

194 Avondale Avenue,

M2N 2V5

North York, ON

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